A Dinner To Remember

An Immersive Experience



To create an immersive installation about autonomous living in the digital age. 

Thought process

After questioning and thinking about what autonomy entails (autonomy from a system or autonomy as in self-governance?), I decided to focus on autonomy from intensive agriculture. Food is the most basic and crucial element of human survival. Agriculture is one of the oldest technologies in the world.


The agricultural system we created to survive is posing a threat to our planet’s and our own survival. We have to find ways to liberate ourselves from this vicious circle.


The Design Question

How might we change the way we eat to become independent of intensive farming and build a sustainable future?



Building an immersive experience that will introduce the audience to more sustainable, less destructive ways of growing and consuming food. As societies we are living in a pivotal moment where we have to change things for the better. I decided to announce this change in a ritual that is the most familiar to all of us: Gathering at a dinner table.


My Role

Concept creation, Research, Visual & Sound Design, Interaction Design, Web Development, Pitch Deck Presentation


5 weeks


I started researching alternative and sustainable food production systems. In the meantime I was iterating, sketching an immersive set up with meaningful storytelling and narration.

I decided to make this informative experience a sensorial one; have the audience sitting at a dinner table set up with food samples, listening to a voice app that will guide them through each sample “future food” that they can taste and/or smell.


I prototyped the content of the experience on Twinery to build the story of each food sample and walk my audience persona through their user journey. Then I created a video prototype as part of my pitch to the curators. Initially I was planing on using sensors to activate the stories on the tablet but then decided to simplify it by only using the tablet as the source of interaction as it contained the voice app.

How it works?

A table is set up with food samples and a tablet and a pair of noise cancelling headphones.

The participant sits down, puts on the headphones and starts the experience on the tablet. The voice interface starts telling the story of each food on the table and invites the participant to taste. After each tasting, the participant answers a question asked by the voice app which then leads to the next tasting. The dinner ends with the participant leaving with a taste and curiosity to discover more sustainable foods locally.


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