EcoSpex Workspace powered by Autodesk Forge Platform




EcoSpex is the go-to company for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) professionals to make informed decisions towards better sustainability outcomes for their projects. The company is planning on building a new cloud based workspace powered by Autodesk Forge Platform.

Autodesk Forge is a platform of web service APIs that allow you to integrate Autodesk SaaS products (such as Fusion Team, BIM 360 Docs, etc.) into your workflows and/or to embed some of the components used in those Autodesk products into your own web or mobile applications.


Designing a user journey of EcoSpex’s new workspace powered by Autodesk Forge Platform. Also, creating low and high fidelity wireframes to demonstrate how the proposed interface will provide a user-friendly online project space.

My Role

Visual Designer, UX Designer, UI Designer.


3 weeks.


Coming on board at the last stage of the project, I had to trace back the stakeholders’ steps to understand the existing and proposed platform. Client provided me with an overview of their UX vision on a high level (MURAL).



We decided to work on the Architect persona’s user journey since Architects are the primary user group of EcoSpex workspace. I started doing research about Autodesk Forge Platform workflow, BIM 360 as well as building regulations, sustainability verifications and other things an architect has to confirm before or during a construction project.

I did a task analysis of the proposed workspace as well as sketched user flows to understand how the information architecture would work.


After two revisions the user journey map was completed.

Architect’s Journey Map

Architect’s Journey Map

The flows and task analysis helped me create the wireframes of the specific sections required by the client: Explore & Select. We focused on these sections to illustrate the elements that separate EcoSpex from other verification platforms in construction business.

EcoSpex- UI.png

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